Native Android, iOS Apps


Mindpuzzle undertakes the  design, development, integration and support software that works with devices operating Android or Apple iOS.
We strongly recommend the Mono Framework Programm and the Xamarin Company  through the Microsoft Visual Studio and the use of the C # language.
We provide validity and extend the life-cycle of every idea , incorporating components of Resco, which offer unique visualization and usability in the final product.


Enabling the use of cloud and / or IIS web service (s) to access centralized data through continuous or intermittent connectivity to the internet,by assuming both the implementation and support of interconnection.\

Moreover, we provide the possibility of using the device in locations without access to the internet, and therefore to any cloud-web service. In this case all the required data is in the database which is being prepared by another system and installed on the device by the operator of the device at any time found internet connection.

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